Monday, March 15, 2010


Once upon a time, a lion was sleeping during the warm day of winter when a little mouse came their and started jumping on lion.

As the lion woke up, he was red with anger and roared,"You have disturbed my sleep. I am going to eat you now."

The mouse was frightehed and said, "O King of the forest. I am sorry. I thought I was climbing a mountain and never knew that it were you. But please pardon me. May be one day I will be of some use to you and I will repay the favor."

The lion laughed at him and then somehow pardoned him.

Many days passed. One day, some hunters came to the forest and caught the lion in a net. On this occasion, the mouse cut the net with his sharp teeth and compensated the favor of the lion.

We have heard this story so many time in our childhood but we seldomly put it in practice.

Moral of Story: You should develop the art of forgiveness. It is possible that the person asking forgiveness may be helpful to you someday just like the mouse.

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