Sunday, January 10, 2010

Racism on the rise in Australia

Jaspreet Singh, living in Essendon area of Melbourne on a spouse visa—his wife is a student—was allegedly set on fire by some unidentified assailants at about 2 am on Saturday. He is currently recovering in a local hospital with 15% burns.

The incident,coming a week after the fatal stabbing of student Nitin Garg, has put a strain on bilateral ties. This has been going on for quite a few months now. People got stabbed in their houses, on train stations, on the street and there were petrol bombs thrown on people's cars. These are gruesome,coward & racial attacks on Indians in Australia. It’s a kind of terrorism. Shame on Australia!

It's a time for action now. We should not keep quiet on this topic. Why Indian Govt is silent on this topic? Why media is not making this an issue? Where are all political leaders gone? Why likes of MNS and Shiv Sena not acting on this? Why are we not banning all events held in India by Australian Universities?

It's time for all Indians to unite and teach them a lesson. I remember a dialogue from "Chak de India". "Agar woh hume ek mare toh tum do marro, agar woh do marre toh tum chhar maro.Itna marro ki woh khatam ho jaye."

Let us unite as Indians and let us totally boycott any institute or community who has any racial bias. We are sure to be reigning economic power in the near future and the mature world knows this; those who do not, need to learn.

Let the likes of Tourism Australia and Universities in Australia continue losing business and continue having Job cuts till the time they learn , how to be professional both in Business and treating fellow human beings.


  1. Yes, I agree to the thought of uniting and boycotting aganist Australia.. but the bigger picture is are we "racisim" free? Caste, creed, religion, sect do exists freely, even for gender. Arent we still living with these concepts? Skin colour differentiation is one form of racisim, but what about the others?

  2. Caste, religion & gender are universal problems and not specific to country. These issues are more related to awareness & education. It will require huge amounts of efforts to get these issues resolved.

    Problem in Australia is more to do with Indians. It's not a skin color problem as they are not attacking Pakis or chinese.